I have a question which I need opinions for. When it comes to kids, no matter the age, why do they want to blame their parents for something that is not their parents fault? Confusion is in the air right now because my friend called me this morning before I left for school to tell me that one of her children was mad at her. The just of the problem, afraid to talk about here, seemed somewhat unusual because I think that some things are unforeseeable and things we can not always avoid. I am not mad at my friend for calling me and I am not mad at her son for being mad at her but I just do not see the reasoning behind him being mad at his mom for something she could not or did not really know. Anyway, children, no matter what their age, blame their parents for things. I know I still do at times when things seem unstable or rocky. In fact, I am wondering if I am emotionally messed up because of my biological Mom. I have always felt abandoned by her and still do even though I do have some stability in my life. Now am I blaming my mom or still looking for some answers to start the healing process?

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