Giving My Mom Credit…Yes

I do have to give my mom credit for trying to be the best mom she could be. She did fail me as a mother but she is a “friend” indeed these days. I am not able to share my most personal thoughts quite yet but I am working on that and quicky too. The things my mom does in her life sadden my heart off and on but she did give me life twice – donating a kidney when I was seventeen and needed a transplant to save my life. She did try to take care of me with her problems of happiness and I do have to give her credit and respect for that indeed. My world does not evolve around my mother entirely as it should but trying is in the works today. Did she fail me? Yes she did but credit should be given where it is due. Growing up was not easy to do and yet I am still growing up andn getting past my issues. It will take time but it will be done in good time. Thanks Nina for taking the time to read my first entry of the day.

Time to Get Goimg For My Day

Oh my goodness! I spent the ENTIRE morning having breakfast, making sure Emilee had her fresh water and food of the day, and playing a game at Uahoo Games, watching television, and I am stil in my jammies. Time for a bath and getting dressed so if I have company, which is likely today, I will be prepared somewhat. i also have homework to do! Homework is yucky at times but I do enjoy this homework. That is my life of thiis day other than expressing some th9ings that have me somewhat unhappy at times. I have to run now so I can do my homework shortly. I do not want to be pressed for time anymore today or the beginning of my school week. Bye for now! Later…YES, definitely.

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