One Last Entry Before Bed

I thought, before retiring to bed about an hour from now, I would write a quick entry and give my right finger/hand a workout before going to bed. Today was a good day. It was lazy but I did get homework done, a bath in, and watched three good movies. I had a good, lazy day in my pajamas all day long. I look forward to the weekends after a five day workout at school. Anyway, I needed to get some exercise on myright hand. I hope, personally, that i do not get any company knocking at my door. It is, then at that hour, a late hour to have company visiting. I am getting tired now even though I ws able to sleep in an extra hour this morning.

The Phone Call

Every Sunday morning or afternoon I get a phone call from my mom who lives in NM with her husband. Mom and I talked for about forty-five minutes this morning while her husband was still sleeping. We had a lot to say this morning for the first time in a long iime. Usually our calls last less than a half an hour but today it lasted longer, YEAH.

Semi-Lazy Day

It was not one of those Sundays that was totally lazy. I stayed in my jammies all day but it was not a total lazy day. I had to do some homework thhat could not wait until I got to school. My major homework is done though, WJEW!

Insppector Gadget & Casper

This evening I was torn between two good movies airing at 6 p.m. I ended up, oddly enough, watching both of them until the last five minutes. I ended up watching the end of Casper. My favorite little actress Christina Ricci was playing as Cat (Cathleen). She is such a pretty young actress, too. Inspector Gadget, a comedy, was good but not a favorite movie. I enjoyed it to some degrees. Despite it, I was torn between two movies airing at the same time that I was so glad that 8 p.m. rolled around.

Weekendes and Doug

Ok, I am a thirty-two year old woman who loves to watch the weekenders, Doug, and Pepper Ann – all Disney cartoons. What a wonderful break away from thhe real world for an hour and a half! YES!

Time to Go For the Night

I have writen plenty this day so I am going to say good night right now. I have to go to bed shortly and get up at 6:45 a.m. I am going to sleep in fiteen minutes tomorrow and then get ready for school and my day and leave by 7:15 a.m. for the bus. My right hand has gotten quite a workout all day long. It is getting tired, LOL Well, good night everyone! Bye for now. More tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “One Last Entry Before Bed”

  1. It sounds like your mother did fail you, and you were blessed to live with your dad and stepmother. But be careful to give your mother respect, and try to really forgive her.

  2. *~Kristie~*

    Good for you to make such advancements in your life! I’m glad you are making a huge improvement on your life. Whatever makes you happy!!

    I’m sorry about your mom, but at least you are friends and are close in some way shape and form.


  3. It’s good to know you are feeling good about yourself. I am happy for you. I wish I could feel the way about me as you do about you.

    I like your new look to your diary. It looks very neat.

    I also didn’t know the comments were working again. I may have to get rid of my tag-board but, I don’t know.

    I will talk to you soon.


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