We Need To Live Today – Not Yesterday

I am sick and tired of living in the past that I have been working on bettering (is that such a word) my life. I have decided to become a student once again because I am sick and tired of being unemployed. I have so many talents and gifts that I have decided to FINALLY stick with accounting since I love numbers. Yesterday I talked briefly to my step mom asking if there was ever any documentation on having a learning disability which I found I don’t…thank goodness. I don’t have a learning disability, YEAH! I am very happy about that. Now I can go on with my life knowing that about myself. I can move on with that issue in life…ABOUT TIME too!

I am not going to run away from my problems anymore either. I have talked to my friend Beth over the weekend about parents and children and how I felt my friend Nana was feeling regarding her son blaming her for him missing two days of work because he got the flu and that she should not have visited Milwaukee if she was not well herself. At the same time, during this conversation, I came to realization once again, that my life with my mom is not a bowl of ripe, sweet cherries, either. I have held a grudge for a very long time in regards to my mother’s parenting skills which I have found totally odd. She was not much of a mother in my eyes because she has akways been very self absorbed in herself and happiness. As I think about this, I am now more glad I have lived with my dad and stepmother during my younger days. Looking back at what I did nd did not do as a teenager, made me a normal rebellious teenager. I was a typical rebellious teenager! YEAH! That rebellious state of life did carry into mu early adulthood. I am ending my rebellious stages today and today from now on. I am sick and tired of living in the past…

For those people who still live in the past I am not going too preach or express my opnion because everyone is different. I am just sick and tired of living in the past myself and tired of seeing others living in the past personally. There is no happiness living in the past believe me – that I know fromm personal experience. I am working at it today and tomorrow and living in the past is something that does not make me very happy. I just wish my mom would see it the same way I do and again I am not sure if she sees it at all. She says things that make it sound so falsified!

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