My Day Today

Other than the fact that I had a long day at school my day did go well. It is bitter cold outdoors and we have a winter advisory in nearby areas and even a possible advisory in our city. I had gotten an e-mail from my surroogate mom today in regards to the fact that we are in red alert for terrorism. It will never end even though it might not real happen. It seems scary but we do need to be strong at this time if it is true. Anyway, that was a news bulletin of the day. I had gotten Mom Nell’s this morning when I was at school having a break from doing homework. Now, having been home for three hours, I am bathed, ready for a relaxing evening, annd spending a few minutes with Emilee at my side wanting attention. The medication was just delivered abouut 6:45 p.m. YEAH My day is going well.

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