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I really do not have anything to report other than I am doing fine. Had a good day at school yesterday so I am GLAD that I did not play hookey. I was in one of those moods that kept shifting back and forth from I want to do this and do not want to do this. I hate moments like that! LOL Another day of school is in progress right now. Today is even a Better day emotionally, thank goodness. I was definitely fighting my emotions all day long yesterday! YUCK! Other than that, my day is going well so far. I have only one class today and that is great. I have a break from two other classes today, yeah! Not much is going on right now except for a little playtime and the debating thoughts of going to have lunch downstairs in the commons. Kind of early for lunch as it is only going on 11 a.m. and I ate breakfast at home this morning. I ate breakfast at home? Yep and for the first time in a long time too, LOL What a day so far! A good one, too. I have been running to the bathroom a lot today too, LOL I have drank a lot of water already from 6:30 a.m. on to the present. By the time I left for school I had drank three glasses of water already – Yikes! I am thirsty again, LOL

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