Am I Feeling Better Now?

After writing the first entry of the day I realized that I needed to get out of my apartment for a while- finding myself away from home for about five hours. I had gotten together with a friend this afternoon and went to get a few things I needed and wantned as belated Christmnas presents from my Arkansas parents. I had gotten a camera and an electric can opener with my Christmas money from my dad. I also, with my own money, got some personal itens since I have my period, now. YUCK! I also got a large posterboard to begin making a collage of Grandpa Clarence pictures for the memorial service on March 31st. I just did not feel so good, though. It felt weird being out and about.

Author: ksmiley

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2 thoughts on “Am I Feeling Better Now?”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    I dont think you should pay ANY attention to that person who made you feel so awful! That is STUPID to let them make you think its not right for you to grieve for your grandpa. You should ALWAYS HAVE the right to what your feeling and thinking, you shouldnt let ANYONE take that away from you.

    Feel better soon!


  2. Your feelings are yours to feel, and no one has the right to dictate what you should feel or when you should feel it. Especially not someone so unconnected with you.

    I hope this doesn’t hurt your friendship with that friend, despite her less than kind husband. It would be sad indeed if he were able to hurt so much.

    I’ll keep praying for your comfort though. It does get better, but it should be in your time.


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