The Last Day of February!

I can not believe that it is the last day of February already. Somewhat, to be honest here, the month has been both fast and slow. At the beginning of this week I did not wear my watch because time moved at a pace I could not understand. Looking at any time piece – a clock and watch – practically drove me crazy. Time was not always on my side this week and pretty much since my Grandpa Clarence passed away. I took, the slowness of time, a part of my grieving experience of losing Grandpa Clarence as well as a nuisance and a hinderance. There was one time I wished I had my watch on when I was Oral Communications since most of the classrooms no longer have a clock. As far as February goes, I am glad that is now February 28th.

I can not believe that it will be two weeks tomorrow since my Grandpa Clarence passed away. Time and speed has been somewhat on muy side here. Thankfully. I am still feeling the pressures of this month being both good and bad and everything else that goes along with it. In fact, thinking of my Monday appointment with my dietitian, I got mixed up with my appointment with my counselor at 12 noon. Looking at the time being 10:55 a.m., I have to leave here (school) in a few minutes to catch my ride to the appointment. Time is confusing sometimes.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Yes I agree at times time itself has been very slow but for the most part for me it has gone by very fast. I am excited for it to be march because in april I will go to Colorado to visit. I am excited!


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