My Day So Far

I had awakened forty-five minutes before my alarm went off this morning. Emilee, a good kitty cat, talked to me the second I had opened my eyes to get up for the day. She is such a good companion for waking up to and with. As a matter of fact, she was in a playful mood this morning. She attacked my foot as it moved back and forth underneath the blanket on the bed. She was having loads of fun this morning. Being a school day, I got dressed and ready for my day, got my books put in my school bag, took my medication, ate a little breakfast, watched a little television while waiting for my ride to be ready to leave. Having a neighbor going to school at the same time as me, he just has to knock at my door when he leaves because he lives across the hall down a couple of doors. But before I left for school I had called my Oral Communications instructor in regards to an assignment due Wednesday, and then asked how I did on the test we had on Friday. Found out that I passed it with a C+ – a point higher than my 1st test which was a C. It had made my day a bright one even though the sun is not shining right now. It is COLD out today! I have attended College Reading and Oral Communications, and have Keyboarding in a little bit now. Then I have an appointment at 3:30 p.m. with my dietitian —not so fun but okay — what a long day this is going to be but worth it. This is my day so far. Hopefully I can write more later tonight before retiring to bed.

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