My Day So Far 3

I got back from my appointment with my dietitianabout 4:15 p.m. The appointment was not long – thankfully it is COLD out today. It even snowed and we have a white covering. Brrr! I had lost 6 lbs! Goody..I hate being on a diet but it works when you want to lose the weight. Doctors haven’t really told me I had to lose weight yet and they won’t have to. Anyway, my appetite is a little one since my Grandpa Clarennce passed away but it is finally coming back but not at full force that is uncomfortable. I am home now. I will be back at 8 p.m. before going to bed tonight by 9 p.m.. I have to get up earlier than usual if I want to get a ride to school and my ride does leave by 7:15 a.m. tomorrow morning. Later…

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