Thoughts on the War

I do have to admit from reading other entries regarding the war, I do enjoy reading thoughts even though war is something not to smile about. It bothers me to hear about it these days. In fact, what disgusts me is the fact the programms that are usually on in the afternoon are not on. Instead it is live reports on the war and its success or failure somewhere. I really do not like watching it. I really don’t even though it could be a postive report. Who wants to watch it on television live? Not my taste. I could be watching Judge Judy or something else. Bummer!

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the War”

  1. Hello K:o)~

    You and I have the same problems with mood and peorid. Ughh..

    Thanks for your comments. I think Sunny is beautiful when the sun made her glow. :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend. _lm/


  2. Sorry you are having problems. It must suck to be stuck in the house all day. I know that feeling very well. That’s why when I’m feeling bored I go out with my friends or talk to them on the phone. I hope you have a better day, and I hope you have a good start back to school. Have a good one.


  3. *~Kristie~*

    I just got my period, yes!! I am VERY moody and tend to have more mood swings than ever when I am having my period.

    Sorry about your anxiety. When I am REALLY frustrated and have A LOT on my mind and cannot sort through it I have BAD anxiety attacks and pass out. Its horrible…

    I think this war is useless. We only have enough to last us 2-3 weeks tops. Stupid…the only thing they have that we want is oil, and even that, they blew up the oil rigs and stuff. Useless…


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