Remembering the Dream I Had Last Night

When it comes to dreams or nightmares, I can not always figure them out or why they are happening. But I do remember this dream I had last night. It was bad enough to be a nightmare but it wasn’t a nightmare really, just a bad dream that woke up me after the worst was over. I do not know what it was about exactly except the fact I was being abducted from a cabin where I was camping. I remember people being there and going in and out of the cabin’s porch and I remember a boy running out to go play with friends. I do not know where this cabin was but the area of the cabin reminded me of camp during Camp Meeting. I was visiting with my parents from AR at this cabin because they were there. As people came and went in the cabin, I saw a man I did not recognize approach the cabin and walk right hold a hand over my mouth and pushing me against the porch walls which were of white plaster board. As this man held a hand over my mouth and pushed me against the wall, a white hood was pulled tightly around my neck as if the person was tying the hood for a little girl. The man told me to go to sleep annd I fought the idea of going to sleep as I got droopy feeling wash over me. The man took his hand off my mouth so I tried to scream but no sound came out. The boy came back into the cabin and saw what was going on and the man just tried to push me out of the cabin porch door. The next thing I remember is my dad holding me and taking off the hood and saying to me ‘it’s alrught now, he’s gone and arrested.” I finally found my voice and screamed and cried – a delayed reaction to what happened. As my dad held me, the little boy looked at me and said that the man was being taken away from the cabin and arrested for good because there was a warrant for his arrest for kidnapping other girls and that I was lucky to be alive because the other girls were not so lucky. As my dad lifted me from the floor, everyone walked out of the cabin, locked it up, and put everything in the vehicle, and we drove away never to see the man alive again as we drove to another cabin just a mile down the path, I wake up from the dream

Now that I am awake and wondering why the dream even came about, but how that dream came about was from the Elizabeth Smart case being on the back of my mind and the guy in my dream resembled the abductor. I must have been thinking of the Elizabeth ordeal as well as the 14 year old girl who went with this one guy who is dangerous. Sometimes I have BAD dreams and I HaTE them too,

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