A Quick Entry Tonight From My “Aunt’s” House

It was a beautiful day all day long. The family of Clarence Fox had a beautiful day for the burial. The sun shone brightly. The wind blew a bit but not real bad. The collage almost lost a couple of pictures and the “What is a Grandfather” Poem, but it held on thankfully. Right now Mom, Lonnie, and I are visiting “Aunt” Donna and “Uncle” Bob tonight in Berlin, WI. So far so good, the visit is great. Mom and “Aunt” Donna are catching up on old times. Lonnie and “uncle” Bob are in the kitchen chatting about their hobbies. Guns…oooooh, not quite myy subject, lol. I saw the gun and cringed!! YUCK! I do not need a gun for protection – that’s for sure. Anyway, the day has been good all day long. Even after the memorial service, we went to “aunt” Nellie’s for a gathering and lunch. It was a full house at “Aunt” Nellie’s, too.

More later…Good night…bye.

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  1. Britani18 says:

    I’m glad to see that you had a good day, and that the memorial service went well. Have fun with your Aunt and Uncle.


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