Boredom Has Hit This House

WHat a time this day has brought all of a sudden. Boredom has hit this house. I do not want any company today whatsoever and the phone only rang twice today. I have no wants to talk or chat on the phone as I usually do and that’s okay I guess. What a day has brought. I guess the daylight’s savings has finally hit me. Kristi’s smiles I got done watching a movie titled Jack starring Robin Williams, It is about a boy who has a disease and looks older than he really is. It was pretty good. Now I am listening to a 7th Heaven rerun. I wanted to watch a movie on Pay Per View or on Video on demand but there is absolutely nothing worth watching. Why on earth is my television on in the first place. It is definitely boring here today. Another thing that makes this day boring is the weather. It is chilly outdoors and we are orobably expecting some snow. SNOW! YUCK! I THOUGHT this was Spring. NOT! My homework for Oral Communications is done and ready to be printed and handed in. Assignment is due… I am bored to death now. This has NOT been the best afternoon I’ve had. Oh well, school resumes tomorrow and it is back to my studies.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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