It is Never Boring Around Here

It does not seem to fail that it is not boring around here where I live. Always something is going on around here that is either of pleasure or not. On Friday, rent was paid by everyone. Either rent went up or down or stayed about the same. My rent went up only two dollars from last year. Good. A little bit ago the ambulance came. It seems that the ambulance comes often for REB or another tenant – more so for REB than anyone else here. It is brittle diabetes. See, it is never boring around here! Even today, earlier, Pepper, a neighbor’s dog was barking up a storm and his master – his Mom was not home. We are having a tenant meeting tomorrow and I know for a fact that the young ones in here are going to be talked about as some of the tenants do not think that young ones should live here, too. It is always the same thing over and over at these meetings. Also, this happens when new management, from the outside, takes over, and we are on the third mangement since I moved in here, and Nellie Mom is the third manager we have had since I moved in here and there were about two before the three I know about since I moved in here. It is almost like, what’s the use. No one is satisfied in here!

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