The Meeting Today

The meeting at 3 p.m. was for all the tenants and NOT all the tenants showed up. How rude! and it was a mandatory meeting. With the new management from the outside, from this day forward, we are gouing to have a monthly meeting to get to the bottom of issues that need to be addressed. What a good management this place is! No one messes with Mr. S. I tell ya! YEAH!

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2 thoughts on “The Meeting Today”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    Your welcome for commenting in your other diary!

    Today is a beautiful day here. Our winter weather snuch up on us friday night and saturday, ick… But its back to warmth and sunshine wierdly enough.

    I skipped school today. Sort of…I had chemisty that was due and I needed to finish today. So I styaed home. Plus I havent been feeling myself for the past 2 weeks and last night and today that sick feeling really got me.

    Anyway have a good day!


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