I Wish I Could & More…

Move and get away from here where I live but money is an issue and my place is my home whether or not I like to live in the “neighborhood” I live in. The world is cruel sometimes and I do not always think that things are fair but they happen for a reason under God’s knowledge and love of His people. Even though the past two weeks have been nothing but a h*** hole, I am still a tenant in this building and I have a right to live here as well. Who cares about the other people who live here? I do and I am sorry that some of the tenants have followed the trouble makers here. I won’t follow the trouble makers. I have my own life to live as well as school classes to attend. Life goes on and time does heal. I no longer live at TM but at **** Burbank Ave. Apt 308. I will be ok and that is a promise, even though I might have to make some changes in my life to make it more comfortable for me to live here. I have this dream, which will never die, that I will get a job that will get me away from here into my own house. That dream WILL NEVER die and no one is going to take that away from me NEVER NEVER. I wash my hands from this place at this time.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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