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Life in general sometomes stinks according to the person who is living the life but there is nothing a person can really do except live their life the way it was intended. The manager of the building I live in is leaving/moving out in a few weeks so things in my life is going to be changing in places where I do NOT want the changes to occur but I am very happy for her and the decoision she made for herself. Life deals with a lot of change and I am one of those people who deals “not so well” with change. Abandonment comes racing back into my mind as if it never left or was not left in the past where it belongs. When I have my period each month, I do not think rationally a lot and am cold to others in tone. I surely have not dealt very well with change since Grandpa Clarence died in February, the 15th, the day AFTER Valentine’s Day. These past few weeks have been rough but manageable. I have been doing well in school even through such a horrible turmoil emotional. It has been horrible but it could have been worse but it isn’t. I have been venting ALL day long now and I still feel I have to vent and so it will go on forever today. What could be worse? I could out on the streets…without a roof over my head. Living here these past several days have been h****** but I am going to avoid the horrible things going on around me. Speaking of VENTING, here I am writing about the place I live and one of the tenants did angrily accuse me of writing about him and this building all over the internet. What is wrong with venting? Nothing. If i did not write it here, I would be writing it elsewhere in a notebook or something like it. Some people just have such distorted minds sometimes and it makes me madder than a hornet – not the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. But this life of mune is not fantasy at all whatsoever even though I wish it was a better one then this one. Life in general right now is feeling somewhat better than earlier but A LOT of words have popped up today…a lot of EMOTIONS definitely. More later yet…

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