In My Own World

All afternoon I was not in the real world but in a world that is definitely a lot better than the real thing. Sounds bad, huh? I have had a slight headache all afternoon long. Nellie Mom was asked to come up for a few minutes to check things out. Once again. for a Saturday morning, I did not get to sleep in any as my body would not allow it, phooey!! I decided to throw some beans in some water and soak over night so I can make something with them and try out something new once again. I hve been somewhat inventive since Thursday morning I see… COOL! I am in my own world now that I am in my own place with no one to bother me except for my cat Emilee and to be frankly honset, she does not count. She is a joy of mine always! She had me write in her journal twice today, silly girl! She NEVER fails to amaze me even when times are down for me.

I wonder, other than traveling to see my mom and stepfather, I do not know what I am going to do this summer when I am on break from school until the Fall semester begins August 25, 2003. It was during Winter brea that I pretty much cracked since I had so much time on my hands. Here I am talking about something that hasn’t happened yet. I hate that! Kristi’s Smiles. I am feeling better, that’s for sure! I am definitely in my own world!

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