For the longest time now – not just today – I have been thinking about friend and friendship. It surely has been a rough couple of weeks. I am beginning to know exactly who my true friends are where I live here and who are not my friends. Dictatorship has tried to rule this building but it is not going to happen.

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3 thoughts on ““Friends””

  1. There is a ‘friend’ and ‘friendship’.

    I think you cannot have a friend without the friendship. If the friendship has died out, so has the friend.

    I have been there too.

    I am glad that you have other friends. 🙂

  2. I hope you get some rest. I know, especailly now, how important rest is. I’m also sorry about your friend. I had a friend once who decided she didn’t want to be my friend ethier. I don’t know what I did. (I was friends with her for six years). The only advice I can give you is…just let things happen the way they are going to.


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