Owie Ear!

I am going to the doctor a little while since I bave a cold in the ear and it somewhat popping. OUCH! Right before a test, too, and my last test for the semester for Oral Communications. I am feeling a little icky but not that terrible anyway. Just a littlle miserable since my last short entry sometime this morning. My friend Mark is going to be picking me about an hour and a half to get me to my appointment by 3 p.m. It iis only 1:21 p.m. right now and it seems like time is going by slowly. I have not yet showered or bathed yet so I will wait until after my appointment to that. Later…

Author: ksmiley

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Sorry about your ear…must hurt. I hate when I get sick, right now I am sick with something in the throat. My throat is swelled and it hurts to swollow, breathe and talk, its all red and stuff. Ick…

    Anyway have a good weekend!


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