I Have a Lot to Say Tonight

What Happened To Ms. S?

I tried calling someone tonigh in AZ and found her number not available so I wonder what happened to her just recently. I hope she’s ok. I would feel bad if something happened to her. I talked to her in February sometime. Hope’s she is ok. My mind is racing tonight.

Charlie’s Angels Movie

Never saw it in the theater when it came out but it’s on televsision tonight. Not too bad of a movie. I think Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu (sp) and Cameron Diaz, and Bill Murray, and the voice of Charlie played by Charlie himself from the original television series John Forsythe. It is a good movie. It is cool.

A Friendship So Important to Me

I have known KW since I was a junior in high school. We had lost touch in the past few years but recently we are in contact again. Both KW and I are studennts at BTC together but in two different programs. She is doing Early Childhood and Iam in accounting. How we connected was at school indeed and boy am I so happy that we reconnected after all these years. KW is so important to me! Her husband too of course. KW was not KW until nine years ago. She was KF. Flood is her maiden name.

Ear Infection Ordeal

Honestly I have ear jnfections once to twice a yearm and I always go through such an ordeal with them and i hate them witn a passion. They’re horrible! I am glad, with joy welling up in my heart and mind, that it is on its way to healing. The pressure was pretty bad Thursday, yesterday, and most of the day today, but now the pressure I am experiencing is getting less. Thank goodness for that. I hate ear infections so much. I had a lot of them when I was younger too and they were more painful than they are now. The pressure is less now thankfully. I had no fever during this earinfection episode whatsoever either and usually I have one when I have a bad infection in the ear or sinus and flu. Honestly something is going around like rapid fire and it is no fun. Even KW does not feel so great tonight. Porr girl… Hope she feels better soon.

The Place I Live In

I bave had no thumping or banging from the neighbor below me on the second floor now since Thursday. That is so nice to be in peace again even though this place is filled with hate and tenants on a vengeful rampage for some reason or another. I do not blame the manager Nellie quiting April 30th. Who would want her job? I wouldn’t! The troublemaker tenants are soon to learn of their lives here will be out of here if they keep up the bad stuff that goes on. A couple, a married couple I am talking about, were evicted last month because of a lot of complaints against them for some reason or another. At least I am not one of the trouble makers here. I have no relationship with the trouble makers anymore and I am keeping a very low and busy lifestyle here from now on. if I ever move away from here into my own place which would be a house of my own, making friends with neighbors will be almost nothing. True friends stick together but friends come and go and some friends backstab y0u! I am going to be careful about making friends from this day forward. Read next thought even though it is repeating from other entries…thanks so much.

<b<Why choose carefully regarding friends

I feel that a friendship I have had with someone for the past tnree years is completely gone now. When was the last time I talked to her? About three weeks now. This friend even snubs my Nellie Mom and that really hurts y heart that is still pounding sadly regarding the friendship being talked about again now. I have no intentions of speaking to this friend again at this time because of her choice in friends and her believing things that are not true. The friendship I once had is now a distant memory from weeks ago and no friendship at this time can be rekindled right. Her choice in friends is not my choice of friends and I know that we need to choose our friends and that’s fine but if friends will backstab you they are not a friend and this is exactly what this friend did to me and my two other friends I love so dearly. That is why we need to choose our friends carefully now-a-days. It even hurts to be reminded ifi such a good friendship gone completely sour and disappeared in an instant but then again was she really my friend? She has been told, by her friends and family that I am in a cult which is definitely not true so what can I do with this relationship now? Just pray for her now. I know who are my true friends these days anyway, I am not as soft as I once was some time back anymore. Bad bad bad bad bad bad friendship! Do I hate this person? No. I do not hate. I really love this person even so.

Ranting and Raving

Have I said enough yet? Nope…still more to write but just about finished. This is a long one tonight, that’s for sure!!! Oh well, I did not write a lot today except three entries in my Sabbath journal. I need to vent a little tonight to get some of the pain that is still inside me out into the open. “Get behind me Satan, you are not wanted here!” “I love Jesus not you, Satan!” I think I am venting pretty good tonight and it about 10:15 p.m. here now, yikes!

Monday, May 19, 2003

The suspense is killing me tonight regarding the Oral Communications test I took yesterday morning at 9 a.m. I did not feel so good but I took the test with everyone else. I will find out what my test score is Monday morning. Speaking of Monday…yes, the last day of classes for the summer. It has been a good semester. I feel I worked very hard and I will be sure of what my grade will be Monday for the entire semester for Oral Communications. As of Tuesday, May 21, 2003, my school journal will be taking a vacation until August 25, 2003. I has been a great semester. I worked hard – very hard!

What Am I going to do Now?

Just writing the above entry really makes me wonder what I am going to do during my vacation… I have already been on my computer almost twelve hours today and that is being on line today! I rested in between times as well and but adding up the hours, twelve is the big number tonight, I am going to be bored to death now this summer with no studies in progress. It is going to be trial time for me so thankfully I have plans to be with family this summer around my birthday. I will survive tihs big ordeal which is going to be longer than my ear infection ordeal of the week.

It’s That Time Again!

It is that time of the month again for me. I have my period once again. I am so moody and can easily blow up at anything that is not pleasant. I am glad I get my periods on time, though…because when I was younger, my periods were irregular and I had them for more than seven days. This month’s experience does not seem so bad though and that is a big relief s far as the flowing and the heaviness of it. The stress of the semester of classes is gone now and my studies are over for the next few weeks til August 25th.

A Long Entry Tonight…

It has been one of those days for me. I hate being sick first off but I know I am getting better since Thursday. I can not apologize for writing such a long entry tonight because I feel there is no reason to do so tonight. I need to vent once in a while. My life is not always a bowl of ripened cherries as there are some rotten ones too. I will apologize to my friends who read my journal tonight and find it boring, though.

My Precious Emilee Cuddles

She has been so good for me lately…knock on wood
, I do not know what a cat or any animal is really thinking, but Emilee meowed a lot today and showed me everything she wanted me to see and know about. Having her for thirteen years really makes a good relationship between pet and owner. One of her favorite things she loves to do is head butt me to get my attention when I am sleeping! That silly cat…oh well. She did that this morning while I was still sleeping and going to get up and get ready for church but did not go after all because I was not feeling so good this morning. When Emilee is hungry, she lets me know with her certain meows. I also think she knew that today was Sabbath because she meowed for her Sabbath treat every time she could…that little furry stinker! LOL She did get her treat and she was quiet about her Sabbath treat the rest of the day. As a matter of fact, I did not see her for a couple of hours. I have been in the livingroom and kitchen all day and night and she loves to hide under the comforter on the bed which I have not been sleeping in since Thursday night because I did not feel so good.

Having Trouble Hearing Right Now

Due to the ear infection, I am not hearing too well out of the infected ear, but I notice that it is better again, thankfully. It is frustrating if you ask me or know what I am going through right now. It is a pain in the rear end that is for sure!

It is Late Now!

Usually by now, if it was a school night, I would be asleep right now either on the couch or in my bedroom, but not tonight! It is going on 11 p.m. in fifteen minutes from now, and I am feeling wide awake. I am in Boring City right now bored to death and wanting to go to bed soon. It is very quiet around here anyway as well as dark and traffic is very low going by. I have my livingroom window open and it has been open all day and night since Thursday all day. It is kind of warm here right now even though I just turned off the fan by my computer desk here just now. I do not have a fever or anything thank goodness.

Am I done writing now?

FINALLY, yes I am done writing now. Good night everyone! God bless all of you.

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