Emotional Transition…


I felt a little blah earlier today. I want to cry a lot and get it out of my system. Satan is really working on me AGAIN and it is an emotional war for me at this time. I can not hide my feelings from my “true” friends/ They know and see right threw me! I can not hide…even from God…never! I talked to my counselor earlier today wondering if it is possible that my medication is not working and he mentioned that I could be going through an emotional transition right now. Upon on our talk, I did not understand what my counselor was talking about so I called my friend Mark this afternoon to help me figure it out. I am going through an emotional transition again!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Hmmmm thats too bad that people are rude like that. Wonder whats going on. Some people are just so rude and only think about themselves. Other people live there too. Hope you feel better.


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