Not In The Mood It Seems

I am unsure of how I feel today. It seems that some things around me seem one thing after another thing ordeal. It does not know when to stop. Satan is really working me…that’s for sure. The place I live in no longer feels all that safe or comfortable. On this side of the door or away from the building is the safest. I can trust no one in this place anymore except for three people inside and the management on the outside taking care of this place. The management is not the only people who is getting sick and tired of the junk going on in here. It is rediculous and some of the tenants are just acting very childish and stupid. I do not care who reads this entry today. It is my thoughts and feelings and no one is taking that away from me. I wish some people would just grow up and be adults as they are but noooo….acting like children is better. GROW UP PEOPLE!

All this weekend my cat has been picked on by people on the outside. The tenants living here just stood underneath the window abd talked and snickered at my cat who was looking down at them wondering what was going on down there and what were those crazy people were doing. This place is filled with crazy people!!!!!! HONESTLY!!!!

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