Still Moody!!!

It has been rough since February 15, 2003…

I have been dealing with emotions going up and down since Grandpa Clarence and it seems that I am dealing with a downward spiral in life. Don’t worry…it has not been rock bottom. I will not harm myself in any way. Where would Emilee go if I was not here because of something I did? I would not abandon Emilee. I am going to snap out of it and I will get help when I need it. As a matter of fact, I see my counselor tomorrow afternoon and I have two trips in July I am looking forward to. I will be seeing family in July and that begins a week from Tuesday, yeah!

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1 thought on “Still Moody!!!”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    I agree, people need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions, words, and thoughts. People shouldnt critisize your feelings because its what your feeling and people shouldnt be allowed to take that from you, as with a lot of things.

    Hope you feeling better when you see your counselor. That is good you are taking a trip, it’ll be good for you. It will do some good getting away from there which seems to not only bet stressing you out but a lot of other people. Hope you feel better and have fun on your trip!


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