A Long Time Need of A Break!!

Rick Rinaudo

I met Rick four days before I left for my trip to New Mexico. Neat guy…he has been going to church with me. My Pastor is doing Bible studies with us beginning today at 2 p.m. We have a good connection and we are moving slow.

The Needed Break…

The break was not in regards to my newfound bf or anything like that. The needed break is from this place I live in. I come home after having a week long break … and the troublemakers are still at it causing trouble for many of us. A tenant, who I got to know, had died while I was away on my trip because he has been sick with something for a long time and he was waiting for his doctor to give him the ok to come in but that never happened. He died before he was able to go to the hospital! He should’ve called the ambulance but I have a feeling that he was wanting to give up on life somewhhat towards the end, though. I can not move from here right now…otherwise I would immediately to get away from here but won’t because I need to fight this fight to the end as I am not the only one.

Also, LLM is feeling real low and needs a lot of prayers. I hate to see her like this but there is nothing I can really do.

My life on my computer has been low these days from when I returned home from NM for the week…and I just did not want to be on much. I am soomewhat moody at times and wanting to be left alone but when it regards to boyfriend. I do not feel comfortable. I am so confused regarding my stepfather and it is driving me nuts having this love/hate relationship with him…it is a pain…… I do not think I am going to finish recapping about my NM trip because I just do not want to. I will leave it to that for now…

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