Did You Hear The Latest?!

CD Told Me That Someone Told Her/Not Me

One of the tenants here told her that I was pregnant…and that tenant is wrong. She is horrible and nasty…that tenant getting people involved in my business and I AM NOT PREGNANT! Also this same tenant told CD that I should pay her for taking care of Emilee when I was in NM and bought her something for taking care of Emilee on this last trip!

Author: ksmiley

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2 thoughts on “Did You Hear The Latest?!”

  1. Sometimes a needed break is nessessary. I also can’t believe that someone would want to start rumors. I hate those, but it’s ok. It seems that you have bounced back.


  2. that’s such great news about your new bf, its really nice having somebody else to count on, good for you

    and thats awful news about the other tenant dying because his doctor didn’t tell him to get to hospital!!!!


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