A Few Moments In Thougjt

I want t0 a few moments now at 11 a.m. before my boyfriend gets here, I would write a quick entry – a few words. Emilee just jumped up onto the desk. She got a new collar – purple – yesterday. She alsoo got an ID tag with her name on it with my phone number, and her rabies tag is on it as well. It jingles loudy when the two tags come t0gether so now she is not a silent sneaker but a loud sneaker. I think that she does not like the collar all that much yet but she is doing fine with it. Poor kitty but it is for her safety as well as mine!!

Speaking of safety or the feeling of safe…I feel safe again and my world is back here where I live and I can not explain it really at this time. I just feel safe again…that is all.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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