Lunch With Family in AR

Recapping from what happened this morning I got a phone call from my AR family telling me that they were an hour and a half away from Janesville and wanted to do lunch with me.

At 11:30 a.m., my parents arrived, with my sister Kelsey. RR and I were leaving the apartment when we got to the 1st floor front door. LOL There they were, waiting patiently and looking about. RR took some old newspapers to the dumpster before meeting us in the front. I was so excited about my parent’s visit that my heart was raising and the time was going so fast and furious, lol. Having lunch at a family restuarant just down the street called Eagle Inn, my stepmom ordered a Julienne Salad but did not get to the salad yet when she got full. Dad had a few onion rings and a Pepsi. KK (sister) had a Gyro sandwich and diet pop, RR had a French dip sandwich with fries and pop, and I had a salad, which was boxed and brought home for supper), cajun salmon and mashed potatoes and a Seirra Mist pop. It was VERY good indeed. Even my stepmom boxed her salad and I will have it for lunch tomorrow after my workout in the morning…if I get there, lol. My visit was great in regards to my family. They loved RR! YES! Now they are visiting family in Rockford, Illinois before heading back to AR and get home by Monday. I HAD FUN!!

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