Having Time For Myself and Venting at the Moment

Having Time For Self

No Rick…no boyfriend right now. In fact, after church and being dropped off, I have had the day all to myself, I took a two hour nap and awakened to darkness (really a cloudiness) and finding that we are on the watch for a thunderstorm. YUCK! but most importantly I had the afternoon and evening here to myself with my boyfriend.

I have not yet found the courage to tell Rick that he does not need to be with me every second of the day. Rick is 35 years old and sometimes he acts like a child and is not always serious…in fact he thinks things that are not funny are funny most of the time. I feel that he is like my stepfather in so many ways but yet my stepfather is serious. Rick needs to grow up! He can be annoying to the point that we had our first boyfriend/girlfriend spat the other day. I still do not know what to think or feel entirely after this first spat though. HE BETTER NOT CONTROL ME OR HE’s OUT FOR GOOD NO DOUBT. If I have to call the police because he does not get it or listen, I will…BELIEVE ME! He is a boy in a man’s body who needs to grow up, that’s for sure!

For How Long?

Yesterday I learned that one of my friends is going out of town for a while and my heart is aching slightly. The feeling of separation and abandonment is creeping in and I know it is Satan trying to gain control of me and make me unhappy. I know in my heart that this friend needs to get well and out of her depression in order to be happy. I want her to be well even if she has to someday move away and start a new life. How long will my friend be out of town? I need prayers right now. Being separated and the feeling of abandonment is one of my issues. I should have expected this to happen as it always does later in life!

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  1. It’s good to have the day all to yourself. Soemtimes you need that time apart from one another, or you’ll drive each other crazy. If Rick really is a acting like a child, and it bothers you, maybe you should take a break for awhile. If you do and that chemistry isn’t their then it’s tiem to move on. I do hope you friend gets better. I know what it’s like to be depressed and abandoned; it’s no fun. I jsut hope she gets the help she needs.


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