Last Entry of the Night

YIKES, tomorrow I start school. I just got off the phone with my friend KAW and we are both a little nervous about school. Rick wanted to go to school with me in the morning to bring my Tuesday & Thursday class books home but I did convinced him not to worry about that for now. I am planning on getting a locker anyway. What would be the use to have a lock if you do not have a locker? I wouldn’t know.

Good night and God Bless!

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3 thoughts on “Last Entry of the Night”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    Good luck with school!! I’m sure everything will be fine on the first day and after the first day it’ll be like you never left. You’ll get used to it after awhile for sure as you probably know and you’ll have a lot of fun and meet tons of new people. Good luck!!


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