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Last Day of Freedom

Today is the LAST day of freedom for me. My summer ends today at sundown. I begin classes tomorrow and I am both excited and nervous at the same time. I know I am not the only one who is nervous but I sure do feel like it! LOL School resumes tomorrow for BTC and it is going to be a vERY busy day tomorrow. I wonnder, lol, how my nerves will hold up to all the commotion and issues that are related to school. YIKES! I know I can do it…yes I can and I will!

Recap of My Summer

I know that my summer was not all fun and games. Depression hit from May on to July so bad that I was afraid of a lot of things that were going on around me whether or not it affected me. Even depression has hit two of my friends who also live where I live. One friend, like I did in July, went to see family to get away from here for a while. I do not know if I will see her anytime soon or at all for a long time. If she finds a place where she is staying, I hope she is going to be happy wherever she lives real soon. I do feel strange without her around but I am managing just fine even though it is a little slow. As for my other friend, RH, I wish he would get help to control his sleeping and attitude. I can not handle his attitude right now and that is not good.

Just before leaving for one of my trips I met someone who is now my boyfriend. We have been going out two months now.

As you can see, my summer has been very busy! More later…

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