I Need To Vent

I was planning on writing this in my school journal but I decided against it for some reason. It is related to school, though. The other day I thought that I was taking on too many credits and getting overwhelmed with all my classes. Why should I be overwhelmed? I have two classes everyday but Thursdays I have one class. I just realized that I am caught up and understanding what needs to be done now in Accounting 1 and Accounting Spreadsheets. It took me a while to figure things out but I am not feeling overwhelmed now, thankfully. I think, because I was having my period last week, I think it just hung me up for a while. I am ok now. And I was thinking that I was overloading myself! Whew, I am glad it is over.

Now with the negative feeling behind me, I feel happy again. I thought I was going through a slight deppression and probably was in reality but I was not going to allow depression to control me. It may have, the depression, taken control of me for a moment or two, but I snapped out of it. I really enjoy school a lot and I can do it. It is not easy but doable. Life does have its sparks and quirks. I think I fell into mine temporarily. I hate being so moody, though. Even yesterday I did not want to go to church and be around a lot of people. I wanted to stay home and get work done related to Sabbath and then after Sabbath school work. Rest is found during the times of study but I am surely tired afterwards, LOL I found myself sleeping on the couch this morning…as if I wanted to sleep in my bedroom last night. Nope. I like to sleep on the couch on the weekends. I woke up this morning feeling tired so I now know that sleeping in bed in my bedroom is a better idea. My television was on all night long last night. Was restless most of the night.

About 8 a.m. this morning I got a call from my grieve counselor wanting to reschedule for next Sunday instead of this morning. I had no problem with that really. I was not in the mood, at the moment, to rush getting ready for company for the morning anyway. After the call, I decided to take a bath and soak and I felt real good after that. Now I am dressed and ready to go through my day.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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