Ending Thoughts of the Night

Took a short nap this afternoon and soon ready to go to bed. My hair is washed and my jammies are on. This weekend has been rainy but now it is mostly cloudy and dark, lol. It looks like it is going to be partly cloudy tomorrow at 5 a.m. I hope the weather clears up now but we still need the rain. I talked to my mom from NM earlier today and they are heading out of town on a special, medical trip. I talked for a few seconds to my dad in AR before they went off to church, and I spoke to my Aunt Jackie before she left for church herself. I also remember waking up my friend at 8 a.m.. That was a scheduled call.

I have been thinking seriously about changing the outlook of my journal this weekend. The Fall look is going to stay the same – just the wording is going to change. With Written Communications going on this semester, he did ask if any of his students write in a journal or diary and I did not resist the hand going up and saying something. I just ramble now and then and everything runs together. I need to change that for better clarity and better reading…but how. That is being thought of and brainstormed right now.

Because it is getting late, I am going to say good night to my readers and friends at Dear Diary. I am getting tired.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Rain, meh. Hate it. Snowed here its all melted and its back up to the 80’s now. Hope all goes well, it was sad about Johnny Cash’s and John Ritters death. Have a good day!


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