Monday, September 22, 2003

Attention Smokers!

For my online friends who smoke, this does not pertain to you at all.

Today, while I was walking to class, I saw a young woman walking with an unlit cigarette in her mouth and I thought that it looked uncool and definitely unappetitizing. I wanted to throw up after seeing her because I did not think it was so cool or pleasant to see. I saw, in her eyes, that she thought that it was cool and fascinating to be smoking a cigarette. In this case, be smoking a cigarette anyway. My grandparents used to smoke but after some time they quit and it took forever for the smell of smoke from smoking cigarettes to leave the house. They even had to repaint the walls because the white walls turned yellow and dingy brown. It was gross.

For you smokers out there that think it is cool to smoke, it’s not. You can do it in the privacy of your own home anytime you like – even if I am there – but it is untasteful and I do not care for it. I think it is uncool and unpleasant and horrible. Do you not realize that smoking creates more health problems and it is deadly in the long run? Come on, people…not everyone smokes so please do not make it horrible for us non-smokers. Secondhand smoking is twice as bad as smoking a cigarette directly! YUCK!

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2 thoughts on “Monday, September 22, 2003”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    I agree. My dad smokes and tis aboslutly gross. I hate the smell and it makes me asthma horrible. My older sister smokes too and its just gross. The smell is everywhere and you cant get rid of it. Second hand smoke is defintily more dangerous that actual smoking. No fence to those who smoke but its deadly and gross.


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