Bouncing Back and Forth…Can I make Up My Mind?

Regarding my boyfriend I can not make up my mind ’bout us sometimes. I want our relationship to work and go as far as a relationship goes but I need my space every now and then, too…just like Rick. Rick is a wonderful guy and he takes good care of me and my cat Emilee when care is needed and wanted. He misses me when we do not chat or see each other, which I can understand and relate but space is needed and wanted. I am glad that Rick sees it.

When it comes to making up my mind, I see that I bounce back and forth from wanting something and not wanting something or the other way around. Yesterday I could not make up my mind about having Rick over or not at a certain time and finally I settled on having him meet me at school and coming home with me to do some schoolwork.

It seems that all I see Rick for mostly is for studies and homework. I see him on Saturdays and Wednesday nights at prayer meeting or church. Otherwise I see him during my hours of study and homework. It does not seem fair but I want our relationship to work no doubt. I do not want to give up school because of a relationship and Rick won’t let me, which is a good thing. I have friends and peers who will not allow me to give up my education and studies. I want our relationship to work. Oh yeah, I see Rick on Sundays for Bible study in my home as well. That is why I have him meet me at school every now and then on a Tuesday or Thursday or both days.

Do I feel overwhelmed? Regarding Rick and I, I do sometimes but mostly the overwhelming feeling is due to school and homework. That is why I want this relationship to work. Rick and I support each other.

Oh … that reminds me … Rick and I talked this morning and he seemed disappointed that we were not going to be seeing each other possibly. He’ll get over it like always. I do need to spend time with my friends from school. If he tries to come between me and my friends by telling me I can not be with my friends, he is history big time.

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  1. kaliko88 says:

    It takes more than a little patience to have a relationship with all those commitments, like school. But when they work, they’re pretty darned good relationships by the time those big commitments are over. 🙂


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