11/9 – Dear Friends Letter

Dear Friends At DD –

I would like to thank all of you who take the time and leave comments at my journal here. I enjoy your comments and your opinions very much. I just wanted to let you know that I do take the time to read ALL of the comments when they are left, and I do take them to heart and m9nd.

I also enjoy reading other entries here and there, and I do have my favorites to read. I see that everyone writes what suits the person and that is great. I have friends who would never put their personal thoughts in a diary and the thought of putting their thoughts and feelings for the world to see pretty much bothers them. I have been writing in my journal here for a long time and I have no problem writing my thoughts and feelings for the world to see. I am just VERY careful what I write and I will NOT write anything that I want others to hear about that is very private. I do know that, if I do write anything private, it would be made unreadable to my readers, or write elsewhere. I love to write and I have not been happy anywhere else even though I have tried other diaries. Dear Diary is my home and I have made some online diary friends from here.

For thosoe I am in their journal updates, I may never meet in person, but that is ok because we all have lives. I feel I have met all of you through your journal entries, chatting with you at Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and/or ICQ. I enjoy chatting with all of you.

Also, I appreciate all the help from other diarists here at Dear Diary for making my diary look fantastic and beautiful anytime a change happens. I would like to personally thank Velvetdazzle and AO for doing such a fine job with my journal site. Thanks you two!

I will continue to write and I want all of you to keep up the good work in your journals as well!


Kristi / Ksmiley

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