The New Look Is Finished

My online friend Velvetdazzle has to get the credit for making my DD beautiful after we picked out the right look for the winter months. With Christmas just around the corner I think that the new look is perfect as well. Thanks Velvetdazzle!

A Thought Comes to Mind

I have a fruend who called me while I was gone this morning and most of the afternoon. since I have been home at 4ish, she had called me twice even after asking me kindly to call her sometime this evening or tomorrow. Why did she call two other times and not wait for me to call her back I have no idea but for some reason her two other calls bothered me some and I can not explain even this hour of the night. I will call her but not tonight. I will call her tomorrow or sometime this coming week.


One of the things I love to do in my free time on line is play Gin at Yahoo Games. Tonight, rudely, I had to leave a game in midstream because a player was so slow and acted like he/she did not like to play the game. I waiting over two minutes for this player to play a card but because I did not get anywhere, I left the game and played someone else. I felt I did not, as rude as it seemed, have any explanation to this very person. I feel somewhat guilty because I did not want to do it but my heart told me to get away from this person immediately. This person seemed nasty in spirit since I did not knowthe person in person. Anyway, now what I have done is done and it is over and I am getting ready for bed shortly even though I have been in my pajamas for the past three to four hours.

Good Night Gang

I am going to say good nigiht for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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