One of Those Days Once Again!

I am so glad that my period is almost over. i do not have to worry about it much while I travel to see relatives up north for the Christmas holiday next week. That is one of those things I do not like to experience away from hoome often. It can get messy.

Well, I had another “one of thosoe days” again. I slept a lot today because I was so wound up last night and too lazy to get on my computer to do any writing about what was making me feel so wide awake last night. Anyway, not complaining, but definitely annoyed because of how people act around here where I live. No one seems to want to mind their own business these days now-a-days. Honestly, as my heart does feel achy regarding other people’s behavior, I think tha people should get paid for nosing themselves in other people’s business. sounds cruel I know but it is a fact I see a lot – people minding other people’s business. As far as I am concerned, I am minding my own business but when I hear some things that are not worth hearing. when a grandchild is visiting a grandparent here, that child always runs in the hallway and it drives me nuts as the rules are not followed by the tenant during that time. I personally wish that children visiting relatives would mind their elders. Yes, I am annoyed because that is not all that I heard and felt. I also felt pounding as well as hearing it — not knowing where the sound is really coming from. Here I am, living in my place, staying quiet and resting during the time of late and being nice to the tenants even though I wish otherwise sometimes…only feelings of course of this time.

AAARRRGG! I AM HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS AGAIN! and thank goodness for habing the right to my feelings. I hate being angry and annoyed most of the time but when someone does not respect your space and your time, it is just one of those moments in life.

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