What Is Wrong With People!

Those of you who read my diary on a regular basis probably understand where I come from as you read what I write. Other people probably wonder why I ask such a silly question such as “What Is Wrong With People?” LOL Well…once again my antivirus program picked up on a virus on my computer as I was doing something very important on line. I am realizing…that I have been getting way too many spam e-mails so I have been unsubscribing to many e-mails. As I was unsubscribing, a message popped up saying that I had gotten a virus on my computer. Whatever viruses are out there, I could not quite explain what virus this one was except the fact that it was not the same virus I had gotten almost two weeks ago from this date. I am so glad that my antivirus program works so well. Once again, for the second time, I was worry-free about what happened since I knew what to do. I did not call my stepfather and cry in his ear that some virus was on my computer like last August when I got the Lovesan virus because my service provider was hit by that very virus.

With what happened tonight, again for the second time this month for me, I wondered what is wrong with people. Why do people have to be so mean in creating such things as viruses and go and harm other people – even thouse people they do not know. This world is getting pretty bad with hatred all around us once again. I think the peace from 9/11 is gone once more. Threat of airlines being used once more for terrorizing people. Now that is rediculous! It practically spoils the New Year plans for many people. I know I do not feel the same as when 2003 came into play.

Oh well, the virus is no longer on my computer and it is now clean of viruses. Thank goodness for good / great antivirus programs now-a-days!! Well now it is over once more.

A word to those surfers … be very careful surfing and keep your antivirus programs updated regularly and when your antivirus program has made an update, do a scan immediately. When your antivirus program picks up a virus, do a scan immediately and make sure your computer is healed from the virus before doing anything. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF THE ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM!.

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