A Good Start For Me, Kristi

At this time I do not have any worries about self. Today, even though it was difficult to wake up at 7 a.m. this morning when the alarm beeped, I still got up and going for my day, even though it was about forty-five minutes later, lol. I had my appointment with my Daylight Donuts this morning at 9:15 a.m. and it went well. I fllled out an application for the job, and have information to get and give when I begin work on Sunday at 2:30 a.m. in the morning. I feel I do not regret the idea of working at that early hour of the new day but I will soon find out, lol. My friend Kellyan has her reservation on me working at Daylight Donuts because my boyfriend works there. I will not discredit her feelings as she does have a good heart and some things do come across to her strongly sometimes. So here I am, awake and ready for my day, and it began at 7:45 a.m. this morning despite how hard it was to get going. Lately it has been hard to get right out of bed, dressed, and ready for my day, but beginning next week, it is going to be regular routine for a few months – several weeks. It has been a good start of my day for me. ABOUT TIME!

I feel very confident about working at Daylight Donuts one day a week. I know I can do it. I know I can not do it without Christ in my life. It has been a whirl of thought since I began thinking of getting some extra money in my pocket for spending and having serious and good fun with. I am not working at Daylight Donuts because Rick is, but Kellyan thinks differently and her thoughts are more welcome in my life anytime they are set forth my way. If I find that Kellyan is right, I will be more than happy to tell her “You told me so” without any guilt or problem arising in our relationship. Kellyan is a GOOD friend and she knows me well enough.

I will write more later.

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  1. Thanks for your prayers and visits. I pray you have many new opportunities to serve the Lord and be happy this year. You Christian testimony means much to me.

  2. Britani18 says:

    It’s great that you got the job; 2:30 in the morning does seem early though. I agree with you about not being able to do things without Christ in your life. I know for me it would be hard for me to make it through my day without Him. I’m glad He’s in it because He brings me peace throughout the day. I hope your first day of work goes well.


  3. kaliko88 says:

    It definitely is a concern, and one our friends had once. My hubby and I have been working together now for almost four years. It means work requires more "work". Still, we haven’t had a customer complaint yet, and we haven’t killed each other either. I think, honestly, we are more a source of amusement to our coworkers. They like hearing us banter and joke.

    I hope it works out. At the very least, it will be a test of your relationship. I hope it’s not a hard lesson.

    As for me, a job at a donut shop would be dangerous. As bad as the time I worked at a candy shop. 🙂


  4. *~Kristie~*

    Glad that you enjoy your job! I would love to have a job right now, but I would like to have one I would like to work for. Anyway…

    Thats good you are feeling good and up and happy for your day. Have fun working and keep up the cheer!


  5. Hey Kristie. I’m sure you will do great at your job. If you put your mind to it you can do anything and be successful at it.

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