I really do not know what to title this entry so I am leaving it blank at the moment. Anyway, my boyfriend Rick did not call me at all yesterday…either cell phone or home. I was disgusted with that for some reasoon for a while but again later realized that I needed a break from a lot of things yesterday. I even took a break from my studying last night. I felt so crabby and was a little on edge for some reason. Today, sleeping until 8:45 a.m., I decided to get up and dressed, and take my meds before it got any later since I do have an appointment this morning in a few minutes with the manager of the building to be recertified for this coming year. I also have company coming over about 1:30, 2 p.m. for help with something in Psychology. It is going to a fun day today. Busy I hope! At least I will have time for myself in the meantime.

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