A Virus Was Detected!

I do not know how many times in the past four to five months my antivirus program has picked up on an infected file that contains a virus. Today, unexpectedly, I had my computer make sure my antivirus program was up to date and scan for viruses. Everyday my antivirus program scans for viruses and checks for updates. As I sat here waiting for the scan to finish at its scheduled time, almost over from scanning the program picks up on an infected file and puts it in its virus vault to be deleted. Lately, for the longest time actually, I have been very calm and secure about viruses being picked up from my anti-virus program and heal my computer. Today, another virus was detected and the computer was healed from the virus. I wondered, as I took care of the situation, where did this virus come from and if the virus was on my computer for a while. As I, like I always do after a virus was detected and deleted, did another scan, the same kind of virus was detected agaun – downloader.alcher.exe was its name a second time in a row. I have gotten this once before today and knew it was easily taken care of before after an update was done so I knew that it would be taken care of again this time. The same name of the virus – downloader.alcher.exe – was detected twice today under two different exe file nanes. I almost lost it but somehow I kept pretty cool. After the second scan and detection a virus, I did another scan and found that my computer was finally clean from the virus. I became very very happy that I was able to keep myself calm throughout the ordeal when i was about to lose it and have another anxiety attack. If I had another anxiety attackk today, it would have been the second on this week. Thank goodness for small things not being sweated much anymore, I think…LOL LOL Even a forth scan proved no more viruses and so I am even more happy than before the third scan, LOL LOL LOL

I do not know how long I have had the antivirus program I have on my computer but I can say that it is not Norton Antivirus or McAfee Antivirus. It is AVG from www.grisoft.com – a variety of antivirus programs and a free version that works and functions like a trial or bought version anti-virus program. I wuuld never recommend anyone anything as to antivirus programs because everyone has their preferences on what works and what does not. I am not here to argue what is good and what is not. Arguing exhausts me so quickly as well as raise some kind of emotion that raises and drops just as quickly for some reason. I am still in some shock and amazement from what happened Monday when I ran into Rick at the bus station waiting for the bus and that stupid anxiety attack raised a lot of havoc for three days! YIKES!

I sit and wonder, as I surf the net everday on regular basis, why people are so vicious and crazy enough to develop viruses to ruin one’s computer. We have such a rotten world in some areas for some reason and it stinks very badly. I am one of the people in this world who is a so-called victim to someone’s crazy and stupid antics of viruses roaming about the internet and e-mail. I know that I am NOT the only person, either! I have had good friends deal with viruses on a regular basis and that even stinks so badly that it makes me what to hurl in the toliet forever!

My computer caught a cold temporarily, LOL

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  1. GoingUnder20 says:


    My computer has been the same way!! I have been doing virus checks everyday when I get on the computer because I swear everyday there are files that need to be cleaned, quarentined or deleted! I swear its the computer cold going around! LoL!!

    Sometimes there are a lot of files that need to be cleaned, deleted or quarentined, but thank goodness for anti-virus programs hahahaha!

    Have a great weekend!


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