A Waste Of My Time

My feelings are a little hurt by someone’s comment at my Sabbath journall yesterday. This person, who will remain anomynous at this time, but if you wish to go see the comment, you can. she told me that it was a wate of my time to write all that. I just wanted to lash out but something else came out instead. I decided to leave a comment at her latest diary entry saying no it was not a wate of my time and my time was not wasted yesterday. I wanted to scream and say some hurtful things but I held my tongue knowing that I did not want to start a war at Dear Diary. There are some very hateful, hurtful people here at Dear Diary, and they can just stop being such jerks! I had the best weekend so far and I am going to have a good day today with my church family and take it easy this afternoon at my friend’s house. My heart is aching of the cruelty I have seen and heard these days.

I am going to leave all my diary entries for “Friends Only” if cruelness happens again.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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