This Morning

I was so excited about getting to school this morning that I FORGOT to take my medication!!!! NOT GOOD, LOL. When I get home, which will be about 1:30 p.m., I will take my meds then.

When I was leaving to go to the bus for the morning, I was walking to the corner and I heard a car with its music on so loudly that it was pretty annoying. When I looked at the car, I saw that the windows were ALL closed and there was a young girl/woman driving off from the daycare across the street from the apartment complex I live in. I did not know what to think except for disgust at the idea of the music being on so loud and it could be heard as the girl was driving by or the fact that people now-a-days have their music blaring for the world to hear whether they like it or not. I would NEVER have my music blaring for the world to hear except for my ears. And then, get this, the music some of the young ones listen to as they have it so loud in the car with the windows rolled up tight and so on. It disgusts me even though it is only one peson’s thinking! I just do not feel comfortable with the idea of music blaring in the car!!! Some people do not realize that their hearing is going to go and they will later not be able to hear anything if loud music is playing in their vehicles!! It is just disgusting and really literally dumb! Opinion only

I will leaving here (from school) in a few minutes. I have to run now and I will be back later when I get home from school after I take my medications.

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