An Update on My Day

I finally got through my Psychology studies and surely it was a long day regarding the studies. I had three chapters to review for tomorrow’s test in the morning. Now with that out of the way, I am able to play some gin and canasta, write in my journal, and do whatever I want for the rest of the night. It has been a fairly quiet day for me most of the day.

My friend KW called me this afternoon and we chatted for awhile before she went back to her company who happens to be friends of mine as well. otherwise I had very few calls today and that has been pretty peaceful and quiet all day. As quiet as it was, I did not get a nap in … I did not dare actually or I would be regretting it tomorrow for my testing time.

My friend MEE came over this afternoon upon a request I had made since I can not move heavy things myself or dare to. I had an end table underneath my computer desk sticking out somewhat and the computer chair bumped into it its final time. I got bumped and I could not stand anymore. It is underneath the livingroom window now where it once was some timie back. It is very nice to not run into that end table anymore … believe me! No more noise and no more blocking me as I back out from the computer desk. The end table is in a nice place again and it is very nice to have it in one piece after the fact it got hit so many times in the past several months. It was NEVER moved when I had the desk put here. Anyway, that is one headache fixed and over with. Thankfully…

A little bit ago I had to close the windows in the livingroom and bedroom because it began to rain some. It was a very interesting rain too. It did not look like it was raining in one place but at our building. It was like an isolated rain shower but it wasn’t. It just looked like it. All day long the wind was blowing and causing so much noise in the apartment. Even earlier in the day my bedroom door slammed shut and it made me jump a mile high because I was concentrating on my review for the upcoming test tomorrow. I had to eventually close the windows because it was annoying and different sounding to me. Anyway, it is pretty windy still and my windows are staying shut for the night now anyway.

I am watching the second part of a movie that makes a lot of sense. I do not watch horror flicks but this one does not seem so horrorific as it is proclaimed to be. It is a Stephen King story, and Stephen King is a good horror writer … I have to admit that.

The wind is howling and swaying so hard out there it is kind of scary!

I am not sure if I want to watch the third part of this movie to see the ending as I will have nightmares tonight or sometime later in the week. That is ONE reason why I do not watch horror flicks. But today it is so compelling. Here I am, professing to be Christian, watchinig a horror flick tonight? Oh oh!!!

The wind is howling so badly that you can hear it whistling in the bathroom as if it is coming into the wall between my neighbor’s bathroom and mine. It is kind of spooky and scary sounding at times. Are we going to have a storm tonight? Maybe, and if we do, I hope I fall asleep before it comes so I can sleep through it without hearing it

My toilet seemed to be a little more grungy than usual so I cleaned it the best I could with my one good hand and arm. It does not look 100% that best, but it is done to my ability. I smell like bleach and I hate the smell. I can understand now why my cat Emilee goes crazy when she smells bleach on anything bleach has contacted. It stinks like something awful. It reminds me of a swimming pool filled with a lot of chlorine. YIKES!

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