I wish Some People Would Leave Me Alone!

I am not talking about any of my DD friends here.

I have an ex-roommate who will not leave me alone – either by phone or by trying to come to my apartment when she is in the building helping her so-called friend do his laundry. She had called me while I was away doing business with the maanger in the building. Some pepple do not get the message to leave me alone and I gave her more than enough tries and changes and both chances and tries have been used up. I know I am acting like a Christian woman I profess to be right now but if only some of the people who know what trials I have been through would see what I mean. My ex-roommate is one of the reasons I am living where I am living at now because she has been nothing but trouble in the past five years since I have moved here and before that living with her. Everyone around her believed her back then and that is one reason why I moved out and moved here. That was another reason why I moved here. Anyway I do not need the stress of her anymore especially now with two weeks of school left. Some people just do not know when to leave me alone as sneaky and nasty as my ex-roommate turned out to be. My name and such has been thrown around this building and it is not all pretty, and I have been called worse than name calling. Some people!!!!

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4 thoughts on “I wish Some People Would Leave Me Alone!”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    I’m sorry that your ex-roommate wont leave you alone. Who cares what people are saying about you! You know the truth and the only person who knows you, is YOU! Who cares what other people, think, do or say. They are just immature, and try to put other people down to make themselves feel better because they are selfish! Adults can be so immature!


  2. You may just have to tell her how you feel. Sometimes that can be very difficult but not as difficult as what she’s putting you through now. Don’t worry about what other people think. It’s what you know and think that counts. Much love, Maggie

  3. I know how you feel. Sometimes I know people that will call me and then they won’t leave me alone. I hope things work out good for you in this situation.


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