Kristi’s Chaos

Why do I call this entry “Kristi’s Chaos”? The story goes like this… I have had one of those days. I took the day off of school today because I had a rough night and my right leg was giving me some problems since yesterday afternoon and today the problems seemed worse than yesterday when it call started. Also I noticed too that I had a lot of excitement in day yesterday. I had gone to school, came home for a brief moment, went to my counseling appointment, visited a friend at her fudge shop called Fudglie’s in downtown area of our city, and then right to my friend Kelly’s house to be there when the Mary Kay facial party was at 6:30 p.m.. Even the party, not Kelly’s fault, even stunk enough that everyone including Kelly were unimpressed with the woman who gave the party. The consultant was acted like she did not want to be there for one thing and everyone at the party did not have any chance to tell the consultant about what they did as far as makeup was concerned. My mom, a Mary Kay Consultant herself, was told about how the party was and she felt for Kelly and her friends who were all there at the party that did not go well. I had gotten home ab0ut 9 p.m. feeling unsure about things in my own life at the moment. Safety was an issue inside a security locked building. I questioned my own safety and called Nellie Mom with with the feeling of anxiety creeping over. I have noticed the pressures of my world all around me. Even get this, when I visited my friend at Fudglie’s, she told me that my ex-boyfriend stopped in every once in a while which I already knew about and he has been telling her that he did not understand why I broke it off with him in the first place while in my heart, which is my feeling, he KNEW EXACTLY why i broke it off with him. Get this … he told my friend as well that he missed me and wanted me back. Will I go back to him? NO WAY! No intention of doing so whatsoever. I feel free from committment beyond school and church right now. I am very committed to church activities and school these days. Is this chaos? I sometimes wonder.

More later….I am pulling another late night tonight. I will be going to school tomorrow to pick up a test for Sociology due Tuesday and I do not have anymore classes this week. I have to go to work on other things now anyway.

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