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I had spent the night at Kelly and Jimmy’s last night and was gone from 12 noon to 10 a.m. this morning. When I had gotten home, Emilee Cuddles told me she was NOT happy with me for being gone all night long, lol. Emilee did forgive me a few minutes later after she told me she was unhappy with me by giving me kisses and hugs, and let me hold her for a while. Emilee has been showing her middle name these days (Cuddles) more so now than she did while growing up. She can be a good kitty (14 year old cat).

Yesterday, Jimmy had a birthday party for his birthday that was orginially on May 22nd, and his birthday was a blast. Jimmy had fun. It was HIS day and he LOVED every minute of it. ALL of his friends were there.

What Happened Earlier
I had gone down to Nellie Mom’s apartment to give her some cake from Jimmy’s birthday party when I heard someone’s voice in the office talking to the manager who was standing at the door and looked at me and smiled. The person’s voice was a voice of someone that just made some feelings of what happened last Tuesday come back again. I felt hot and bothered by this voice. I wanted to scream and yell my feelings that just roared up in my mind but I kept myself to myself and walked on to Mom Nell’s and told her that this someone was in the office talking to Lois. She looked at me and asked if this person was complaining about the note under her door and I did not know but that frightened me. I was kind of disgusted at that thought actually. Oh well.

A few minutes later, going for my mail and some pop, I saw this person in the community room. I was even more disgusted seeing her again. All I saw was her back so I did not know what she was doing and actually it was none of my business. Went to the mail room and pop machine and went up to my apartment feeling the heat of anger trying to spew outward. What happened Tuesday really bothers me again. AGAIN?! OH BOY!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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