A Recommendation

Dear Friends at DD,

I have three recommended websites for you to go to.

www.spykiller.com (use)
www.grisoft,com (use)
www.spybot.com (use)
www.spampepper.com (use)

If any of the sites are incorrect, just do a websearch at your favorite search website. All the pages are recommendations for your safety and reassurance against viruses, spyware, and spammers. The prgrams that I have shared with y0u are programs I have tried and would highly recommend to others. With all the spamming and the viruses and programs that are spyware, you may be at risk of identity theft, credit card fraud, and so forth. I do not want anyone to be used in any way that is criminal and damaging to your computer. Spyware, not knowing it until a couple of days ago, can be danagerous to your computer and that is where bad things can happen. I did a free spyware scan with Spykiller and it found a registry key that was a worm and it clean it. I also did a virus scan with AVg Anitivirus and it found an infected file which was called “backdoor ????”

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